Wonderful Christmas Coding

Happy hour of code week! Our students are raving about Dash the robot. Last week we started learning about what the robot does, how to take care of our robots, and how to make robots work. 3rd and 4th grades got to deconstruct old electronics while kindergarten through 2nd students played programmer (road builder with blocks) and robots (cars to run through the program.)


This week we are pushing onward to learn more about coding. Students will learn what programmers do using Dash robots and Blockly app on iPads and writing basic code using an unplugged games. Both will require critical thinking, team work, and step by step in proper sequence to work.

Because I have been asked by a few parents what kind of robots we are using it is the Wonder Pack of Dot and Dash. (I linked to Amazon to give you full product details if they are wanting to ask Santa.)

We love our technology, but the cost of making can be many different things. Keep following and I will post some ideas next week!

If you are in education and using Dot or Dash for amazing lessons PLEASE comment with links to your ideas. We love learning!

Thanks for making!

Ms. Mayo

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