The Gift of Making


The makers movement is alive and well especially during the holidays. Parents looking for gifts for the kids that have everything frequently ask “what should I get my child for Christmas.”  The gift of a maker mindset is less expensive than you might think and can help them develop innovation and creativity. Depending on your child’s ability and your supervision any of the following could start providing mind-blowing creations and connections for your mini maker.


Wrapping paper– It sounds crazy, but even when my son was just two, this was one he loved the most. My two have asked for this every year since for seven straight years! Sometimes they wrap each other gifts, sometimes it’s the biggest coloring paper spread all over the hall, but no matter how they use it; they love the ability to create.


Cardboard– It never fails that you get the kids an expensive that they play with for a fraction of the time they play with the box it came in. Quit fighting it and get them some boxes! If you need inspiration on things to make try book at your local library or Instructables.


Tape– All kinds of tape! Kids love this and will be taping everything in the house if you let them, but they will also be learning how to put things together. If you are looking to use less, make that part of the challenge. Start looking for ways that things are put together without adhesives.


Recipes– If you love to cook share your passion. If you don’t try playdough or slime. It’s easy and kids can find ways to build or even ways to make circuits if you get really into it. Adding some LEDs and a nine volt battery and a little wire can get some amazing results. Take a look at these squishy circuits from Makezine.


Tools– If putting things together is starts to get boring, try taking them apart. Some wire strippers, pliers, and screwdrivers can turn that broken toy or electronic into a whole new game.


Any of these along with some general craft supplies of popsicle sticks, hot glue guns, and some fabric can get your children creating and making the entire winter break. Best wishes for brilliant making!

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